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Our Open Exhibitions

As well as shows by great guest artists, we will be holding (at least) three exhibitions open to submissions by cartoonists everywhere:

1 – Science!

  • This year we’re cooperating with the Galway Science and Technology Festival in their mission to promote awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to the public in general and the young in particular. Therefore we’re looking for cartoons about science in all its aspects: Its history, discoveries, wonders and controversies.
  • While sponsorship is still to be confirmed, we hope to offer a prize for our favourite science cartoon. More details as they come in.
  • One particular scientific issue we want to highlight is climate change, and if there is enough good work submitted on this issue we may turn it into a separate exhibition.

2 – Irish!

  • Do you – or can you – do cartoons in the Irish language? Do you know anyone who does? Are you aware of any historical material available? We’re sure there must be enough artwork out there to put on an exhibition of cartoons exclusively as Gaeilge.

3 – General Cartoon Mayhem!

  • As always, we are eager to show great gags on any subject at all, from the topical to the utterly random. Let us see your latest and greatest published work, or that weird idea you’ve kept hidden in the back of a sketchbook.

Submission Guidelines

  • We would like to use images of some artwork to promote the festival, e.g., in press releases, posters, and of course the brochure. Please let us know if you do not want your work to be used in this way.
  • Submissions are open to all cartoon works of any kind, by anyone, from any place. We are especially interested in work from women cartoonists.

Drawings and Signed Prints

  • This year we’re keener than ever to exhibit signed prints and original artwork. If you would like to sell this work we are happy to handle sales, and will offer them at whatever price you wish to receive (please let us know) plus 35% commission.
  • Please ensure that your work is drawn/printed on acid-proof paper and is securely packaged, framed or unframed as you prefer.
  • All hard copy submissions to [Postal address]

Digital Submissions

  • We will print, frame and exhibit cartoons submitted digitally, but in a change on previous years, any sales will go to raise money for the next Festival. So please only submit digitally if you’re OK with that.
  • All digital submissions to [Email address]