Movie Fundraiser

Tuesday 13th, 20:30

Typical Galway person, circa 1992

We’re showing a film to raise funds for this year’s Cartoon Festival. Pleases bring you family, friends, neighbours and livestock.

In the Shadow of Galway Cathedral, 30 Years On

This documentary was created to record the Galway Arts Festival of 1992 for posterity. A fascinating encapsulation of one of the landmark early Festivals, it has never been shown in public since that year.

Showtime: Tuesday September 13 2022, 20:30



In 1992 The Galway film industry was in its infancy, there was no TG4, Ros na Rún, Town Hall Theatre or Pálás Cinema. There was however an extraordinarily vibrant arts scene.

On Tuesday September 13th a documentary made about the 1992 Arts Festival that year will be shown in the Pálás cinema. The documentary features all the artists and performers from the time and includes among others Macnas’s Táin, Druid’s The Midnight Court, Punchbag’s Eclipsed, Spalding Grey, Willie DeVille, and a very, very youthful Stunning.

The documentary has not been shown for 30 years and will be screened in the Pálás Cinema on the 13th September at 8.30 as a fundraiser for the Galway Cartoon Festival.