Last Chance To See Exhibition

Sadly our exhibition for the centenary of 1918 must close in a few days. Featuring work by some of the best cartoonists from around the world and beautifully hung by Margaret Nolan, A Peace To End All Peace is an unusual and thought-provoking display of art. 

The show is open in the Black Gate Cultural Centre on Frances St from 6 pm to midnight, and is best appreciated with a nice glass of wine.

I’ll be there on Wednesday evening, if anyone would like to be told some of the stories behind various works. 

Guest of Honour Marilena Nardi with curator Margaret Nolan

Here’s a complete catalogue of the works, many of which are still available to buy. 

1Nocolas VadotBelgiumPrint€75
2Martin RowsonUKPrint€75
3Hunt EmersonUKPrint€75
4Allan CavanaghIrelandOriginal€150
5Fadi Abou HassanPalestinePrint€50
6Ivailo TsvetkovBulgariaPrint€50
7Jean-Claude ServaisBelgiumPrintNFS
8Jean-Claude ServaisBelgiumPrintNFS
9Jean-Claude ServaisBelgiumPrintNFS
10Huseyin CakmakCyprusPrint€50
11Vladislav ShirokovRussiaPrint€50
12Dean PattersonIrelandSigned Print€125
13JonesyUKSigned Print€125
14Russel HernemanUKOriginal€50
15Teja FischerGermanyPrint€50
16Nick NewmanUKOriginal€50
17Gatis SlukaLatviaPrint€50
18Jeremy BanxUKOriginal€100
19Florian Doru CrihanaRomaniaOriginal Painting€200
20Marilena NardiItalyPrint€50
21The Surreal McCoyUKPrint€50
22Crișan and PetryRomaniaPrint€50
23Jean-Claude ServaisBelgiumPrint€50
24Cristina SampaioPortugalPrint€50
25Vasiliy AlexandrovRussiaPrint€50
26Crișan and PetryRomaniaPrint€50
27Damir NovakCroatiaPrint€50
28Alexey KivokurtsevaRussiaPrint€50
29The Surreal McCoyUKSigned Print€125
30Sergei BelozerovRussiaPrint€50
31Gatis SlukaLatviaPrint€50
32NaniColumbia / SpainPrint€50
33Jia RuijunChinaPrint€50
34Marilena NardiItalyPrint€50
35Miriam WursterGermanyPrint€50
37Fadi Abou HassanPalestinePrint€50
38Florin BalabanLuxembourgPrint€50
39Virginia CabrasItalyPrint€50
40Miriam WursterGermanyPrint€50
41Martyn TurnerUK / Ireland / FrancePrint€50
42Til MetteGermanyPrint€50
43Liza DonnellyUSAPrint€50
44Marilena NardiItalyPrint€50
45Jeremy BanxUKOriginal€100
46Cristina SampaioPortugalPrint€50
47Fadi Abou HassanPalestinePrint€50
48The Surreal McCoyUKPrint€50
49The Surreal McCoyUKSigned Print€125
50Karol ČizmaziaCyprusPrint€50
51Igor SmirnovRussiaPrint€50
52NaniColumbia / SpainPrint€50
53Igor PashchenkoRussiaPrint€50
54Ivailo TsvetkovBulgariaPrint€50
55Florin BalabanLuxembourgPrint€50
56Martin RowsonUKPrint€50
57Donal CaseyIrelandPrint€50
58Igor SmirnovRussiaPrint€50
59Teja FischerGermanyPrint€50
60Liza DonnellyUSAPrint€50
61Steve BonelloMaltaPrint€50
62Jeremy BanxUKPrint€50
63Jeremy BanxUKPrint€50
64Jia RuijunChinaPrint€50
65Santiago CornejoArgentinaPrint€50
66Mustafa TozakiCyprusPrint€50
67Ivailo TsvetkovBulgariaPrint€50
68Grigori and Ilya KatzKirgyzstan / IsraelPrint€50
69Donal CaseyIrelandPrint€50
70Glenn MarshallUKSigned Print€125