Grand Opening

Friday 7:00 – Tomorrow night! – The PorterShed All cartoon fans are welcome to the opening of the Galway Cartoon Festival 2022, which takes place in the PorterShed, Bowling Green. Join us for a drink and a chat, and of course a great deal of very funny cartoons. This event doubles as the opening of the our main exhibition, ‘Drawing The Line‘, a gathering of new and topical cartoons by some of the best in the business, including this year’s international guests Steve Bell (The Guardian), Liza Donnelly (The New Yorker), Cristina Sampaio (SpamCartoons), and Ivailo Tsvetkov. (Note that the actual entrance to the PorterShed is on the Market Street side, via the car park, and that the PorterShed isn’t at the train station any more!)

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