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Exhibitions 2018

This year we hope to mount a number of exhibitions:


Open Exhibition Theme

This year's open exhibition will be loosely themed around the 100th anniversary of the end of the "War To End All Wars". Contributors can take that however they want. You don't have to be cynical about it. No, really.

Look out for more details soon - or get involved!




A Look Back at our 2017 Exhibition

"Alternative Facts"


The exhibitions brought together the work of almost all the major cartoonists in Ireland, and a huge variety of great talent from abroad.


The Artists:

Vladimiras Beresniovas


Vladimiras Beresniovas (Vlaber) is a Lithuanian artist, humourist, poet, and cartoonist. He has been an active participant in the Lithuanian and world artistic communities for more than 40 years. In the last 10 years, he has illustrated more than 100 books, published weekly cartoons in the local newspapers, and been named to Who's Who in Lithuania in 2008. He is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, the Lithuanian Journalists’ Union, and the Lithuanian National Cartoonists’ Association “Humor Sapiens”. He has been a participant in and laureate of many international cartoon exhibitions and competitions.


Joep Bertrams


Joep Bertrams is a Dutch cartoonist. After being a caricaturist at the Amsterdam daily newspaper Het Parool for twenty years he joined the weekly newspaper De Groene Amsterdammer in 2011. His editorial cartoons have been published in several newspapers abroad, and he also creates animated cartoons for the Dutch television show “Nieuwsuur”.


Steve Bonello


Steve Bonello has contributed a weekly editorial cartoon to the Sunday Times of Malta since 1991, has had two solo exhibitions, and appeared in many group shows in Malta and abroad. As well as creating cartoons and book illustrations, he writes about art and travel and is a keen photographer.


Joe Boske


What can we say about Joe Boske that hasn't already been put much better by a hare in conversation with a pine tree? This German Connemaraman is beloved in Galway for his hyperreal surrealism. He designed all the Galway Arts Festival posters you remember.


Harry Burton


Harry is a political cartoonist and illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. He is the resident cartoonist of the Dublin Inquirer and has had work featured in The Phoenix, The Irish Examiner and the Guardian amongst other publications.


Hüseyin Çakmak


Huseyin Cakmak was born in Nicosia, Cyprus and started drawing cartoons in 1976 under the influence of the “Gir-Gir” humour magazine of Turkey. Since 1983 his cartoons have been published in various newspapers and magazines in Cyprus and abroad, exhibited in more than 70 countries worldwide and published in international collections. He has won 147 awards in various national and international cartoon contests and has many times been elected “Cartoonist of the Year”. He is one of the five founding members of the “Cypriot Turkish Cartoonists’ Association” which was established in 1986, and has been its President for 23 years.


Allan Cavanagh


Allan Cavanagh is an award-winning cartoonist and caricature artist. Originally from Donegal, he moved to Galway to study sculpture and from there began working with Macnas, designing the Carnival of Fools parade for the Galway Arts Festival. He performed with Macnas in New York and Dallas and with French theatre company Parole, has appeared in a U2 video and performed with designer Michael Curry’s processional puppets in Times Square. He contributed weekly cartoons to the Connacht Tribune for most of the ‘00s and devised health promotion material using cartoons with the HSE and Galway Traveller Movement. His cartoons have appeared in various publications including Holland's Diep magazine, he has exhibited in Galway, France, Algeria, and the Netherlands, and represented Ireland at Cartoon Festivals in France and Algeria. Allan draws live caricatures at weddings and corporate events.


Richard Chapman


Richard Chapman (Serg) is a Galway-based cartoonist, writer and designer. He has been well known locally since 1984, particularly for a comic strip in the Galway Advertiser and column in the City Tribune, and nationally beginning with In Dublin magazine in 1988. Nowadays he contributes regularly to The Phoenix, Ireland's national organ of satire. He has created countless cartoons for education courses and information campaigns on human rights (including the gender equality manual for the OFMDFM in Northern Ireland), many of which have been republished around the world. He has authored two cartoon books, had a play produced, and published many comic strips including the webcomic “Western Civilization”. He writes the blog “I.Doubt.It”, and has degrees in English and Information Technology. In 2012 Richard visited Frankfurt to help deliver a petition against the bondholder bailout, and in 2015 was the Irish representative at the “Cartooning For Human Rights” exhibition in the European parliament.


Karol Čizmazia


Karol Cizmazia was born and lives in Bratislava. Since 1981 he has been publishing his cartoons in Slovak and foreign periodicals, and his drawings are also included in several books. As a member of the Slovak Union of Cartoonists he participated in numerous exhibitions in many countries worldwide. In 2013 and 2014 he was appointed an Academician of the Humour Academy for the category "Cartoons and other recession artworks" at the multi-genre European Festival of Humour and Satire "Kremnica Gags". In 2011 he founded a virtual gallery of European cartoons (, which has the honour to present the best artwork of more than 150 leading cartoonists from 48 countries.


Aongus Collins


Aongus Collins (Scratch) started his career in publishing as a technical writer, rising to editor of Technology Ireland magazine. He has been writing, drawing and designing as a freelancer since 1986, and is an online editor and web designer for private and public sector organisations. He has drawn a weekly cartoon for the Health Supplement of the Irish Times since 2003, topical cartoons for the Irish Independent since 2006, educational illustrations for Foinse since 2009, and a weekly topical cartoon for The Sunday Tribune from 2001-2011. He has illustrated many books and has had three of his own published: The Legend of Charlie Haughey (1988, revised in 1998 and republished again in 2006 as Charlie: A Life in Words and Pictures), Government Health Warning (2007), and A History of Sex and Morals in Ireland (2001). He has also illustrated four Irish language books for publishers An Gúm.


Gerard Crowley


Gerard Crowley's cartoons have appeared in The Sunday Tribune, Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Daily Star, Evening Herald, In Dublin, The Phoenix, Dublin Opinion, and Irish Business magazine amongst others, as well as The Yellow Press, an independent comic produced in Dublin which he edited in the 1990s. He has illustrated books including "Bog Cuttings" and "The Trueish History of Ireland". These days his work mostly appears in The Sunday Business Post and The Irish Farmers Journal.


Tony Davis


Tony Davis (Theo) is a Dubliner and a retired banker, for which we have a letter of apology on file. He was a regular contributor to the Phoenix magazine and occasionally Private Eye during the early 1990s until career matters intervened. He returned to drawing cartoons in 2016 and is again featuring in the Phoenix.


Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher is a junior doctor, cartoonist and busy-body. He cut his teeth working with many student publications including the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Student Medical Journal (RCSIsmj), Trinity Student Medical Journal, University Times and The Piranha. He also participated as the cartoonist for Youth Media & Irish Presidency. "Journey Through the Brain" is his most recent creation – a colouring book about neuroscience created with the Department of Psychiatry at RCSI with the Health Research Board. It is being distributed to schools across Ireland. He is the cartoonist for the Medical Independent, a fortnightly newspaper for healthcare workers. His work also features regularly in The Phoenix, Ireland’s leading current affairs magazine. He previously contributed cartoons for the Irish Medical News. Eoin accepts commissions for illustrations and has created pieces for many organisations including the British Medical Association, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. You can follow him on Twitter: @EoinKr


Ciara Kenny


Ciara lives and works in Kerry, and draws cartoons and infographics with a feminist slant. She has done a number of pieces in support of the Repeal The 8th movement in Ireland, and uses them to raise awareness of and fundraise for the Abortion Rights Campaign.


Graeme Keyes


Graeme Keyes was born in Derry and is the editorial cartoonist for the Irish Daily Mail. He also works for the Mail on Sunday, for which he writes the strip "D4". He regularly contributes to The Phoenix and Private Eye, and in May 2008 began a twice-weekly online cartoon, Celtic Rat, satirising Irish politics and society. He won "Political Humourist of the Year" in 2006, and has published three collections of his cartoons: "Hung Like a Small Chicken" (1992), "Eyeball Soup" (1996) and "So... Graeme Keyes" (2001). He lives and works in Dublin. With Paul Farrell, he has published two humorous books: "Outrageous Guide to the World Cup" (1994) and "Stuff it All: The Survivor's Guide to Christmas" (1997).


Ian Knox

Northern Ireland

Ian Knox was born in Belfast and is a political cartoonist for the Irish News. He worked in animation from 1970 to 1975 for Halas & Batchelor in London, Potterton Productions in Montreal, and Kotopoulis Productions in Toronto. He then joined Red Weekly and Socialist Challenge as a political cartoonist, while also contributing to various children's comics for IPC from 1975-88. He signed much of his political work "Blotski", and he and Republican News cartoonist Cormac worked together as "Kormski", drawing the anti-clerical strip "Dog Collars" for Fortnight Magazine. Beginning in 1996 he contributed the "As I See It" feature to Hearts and Minds on BBC2 Northern Ireland. From 1997-98 he was political cartoonist for Ireland on Sunday.


Adam Korpak


Adam Korpak was born in Krakow, Poland and is a graphic artist, photographer, painter and writer. He moved to Finland in the 1970s and lives in Kemiönsaari Västanfjärd. Korpak has been known in Finland since 1986 as illustrator for Helsingin Sanomat's daily Mielipide (Opinion) section. In addition to his newspaper work, Korpak has illustrated posters and books in Finland and Poland and also practises interior design. He has exhibited his drawings, paintings and illustrations in Finland, Poland and elsewhere in Europe. Among his awards are Best European Political Cartoonists at the 30th Satirica Politica, Forte dei Marmi, Italy (2002), Special Jury Award, Biennale of Humour, Tolentino, Italy (2005), and Grand prix at the Satyrykon festival, Legnica, Poland (2007).


Seán Lennon


Seán lives in Dublin, where he works as a full-time cartoonist, illustrator and painter. He has published widely in Irish newspapers and magazines, including the financial pages of the Irish Independent, the Irish Times, and Phoenix magazine. He has also published seven books (and a booklet!), the most recent of which, “Godot Go Deo”, was described by Books Ireland as a ‘piece of Beckettry that no collector should overlook’ and by the Irish Independent as a ‘welcome antidote to the po-faced product of so much of the Beckett industry’.


Tom Mathews


Tom Mathews is a Dublin-born cartoonist, painter and writer. After working for a time in advertising he studied Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, and since graduating has worked as freelance writer, critic, and cartoonist. His cartoons have appeared regularly in The Irish Times and the Sunday Independent, as well as in Cara Magazine, Hot Press, The Yellow Press and many other publications. He has had countless solo shows including three exhibitions of paintings in the Living Art, the National Portrait Show and the RHA. His cartoons are in many public and private collections. He has illustrated a dozen books, written a novel, and produced three collections of cartoons including The Best of Tom Mathews (2005). His last book, "The New Adventures of Keats and Chapman", a collection of improbable tales, was published in 2008. His poetry is collected in "The Owl and the Pussycat and other poems" (2009). He has also designed magazine covers, record sleeves, posters, tee shirts, hoardings and postcards. Corporate clients include Guinness, Ernst and Young, Lisneys, An Post, The National Lottery, the National Museum and Bovril. He lives in Dublin, where he is due to be designated a national monument.


Martin Rowson

United Kingdom

Martin Rowson is a British editorial cartoonist and writer. He characterizes his work as "visual journalism". His cartoons appear frequently in The Guardian and the Daily Mirror and he also contributes freelance cartoons to publications such as Tribune, Index on Censorship and the Morning Star. Rowson's books include graphic adaptations of The Waste Land and Tristram Shandy. "Snatches", his novel, was published in 2006. It is a comic journey through history focusing on the "stories of the worst decisions the human race has ever made". "Stuff" (2007), his next novel, is part autobiography, part history of his family and upbringing. He also drew original cartoons for the title sequence of the film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. In 2008 he published "The Dog Allusion: Gods, Pets and How to Be Human", arguing that religion is a complete waste of time and money — much like keeping pets. He is an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society and a distinguished supporter and board member of the British Humanist Association. Rowson is married and has two children. Who's Who lists his interests as "cooking, drinking, ranting, atheism, zoos, collecting taxidermy".


Cristina Sampaio


Cristina Sampaio lives in Lisbon where she graduated in 1985 from the Lisbon School of Fine Arts and has worked since as an illustrator and cartoonist for magazines and newspapers both in Portugal and abroad - namely Expresso, Kleine Zeitung, Courrier International, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. She has also worked in animation, multimedia and set design, and published several children’s books. Her work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, and among other plaudits she received an Award of Excellence from the Society for News Design (USA) in 2002, 2005 and 2009. In 2006 and 2010 she received the Stuart Award for the best Portuguese press cartoon. In 2007 she received first prize in the editorial category of the World Press Cartoon awards, as well as Honourable Mentions in 2009 and 2015.


Gatis Šļūka


Gatis Sluka was born in Cesis, Latvia. His first cartoon was published in 1993, and since 1998 he has worked at the daily newspaper Latvijas Avize. Since 2001 he has participated in many cartoon and caricature exhibitions around the world, and print art exhibitions in Europe. In 2005 he received a Master’s degree in graphic fine art at the Art Academy of Latvia. He works as a freelance illustrator and animator in advertising, book illustration, packaging, etc. In 2006 his cartoon and caricature book "Gatis Sluka. Karikaturas" came out. In 2008 he won Third Prize in UMO – the 4th International Cartoon Contest in India. A second book "Gatis Sluka. Karikaturas 2" came out in 2015.


Rob Stears


Rob Stears is an illustrator and author from Dublin where he lives with his wife and son. His work is influenced by his home life, the Internet and anything else that wanders across his mind.


Tom Tomorrow


Tom Tomorrow is the creator of the weekly political cartoon, This Modern World, which appears in approximately 80 newspapers across the U.S., and on websites such as Daily Kos, Truthout and Credo. His work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Spin, Mother Jones, Esquire, The Economist, The Nation, U.S. News and World Report, and The American Prospect, and has been featured on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. He is no stranger to Galway, having most recently graced our shores for a talk about his work in this year's Galway Arts Festival.


Mustafa Tozaki


Mustafa was born in Nicosia, Cyprus and graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences at Istanbul University in 1980. He has been contributing to local journals and magazines since 1983 in parallel to his professional career, which has seen him work in the private sector as a Veterinary consultant. He has been an active member of the Federation of Cartoonist Organizations (FECO) Cyprus and FECO World for the past 23 years. Mustafa has received several local and international awards for his outstanding work. Some of his work has been unveiled in individual and group exhibitions both in Cyprus and Europe at large.


Ivailo Tsvetkov


Ivailo Tsvetkov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria where he still lives and works, and studied at the Art School of Sofia in the ceramics department. He cartoons for the Bulgarian newspapers Monitor and Telegraph and for the magazine Tema. He is also a member of the United Bulgarian Artists and the President of the Federation of Cartoonist Organizations (FECO) Bulgaria. Tsvetkov has won more than 70 international cartoon prizes, including 1st Prize Angler, France 1993, Prize of Ministry of Culture, Gabrovo, Bulgaria 1999, Diploma of Excellence, Haifa, Israel 2002, Honourable mention, Kruishoutem, Belgium 2005, 1st Prize, Pisek, Czech Republic 2006, Master Prize, Master Cup Cartoon Biennial, China, 2007, and Googlm Cartoon Contest, China 2008, among many others. He has had solo exhibitions in Osijek (Croatia, 2006), Surgut (Russia, 2008), Presov (Slovakia) and Kruishoutem (Belgium), and has published two cartoon books in 1996 and 2016.


Martyn Turner


Martyn Turner is an English political cartoonist, caricaturist and writer living and working in Ireland. In 1967 he enrolled at Queen's University Belfast and read geography. Living in Belfast exposed Turner to the sectarianism of the city and he experienced the initial years of the Troubles. Northern Ireland politics have dominated his work to this day. Around 1970 he began drawing professionally for the Sunday News and upon graduation joined the Belfast current affairs magazine Fortnight where he eventually became co-editor with Tom Hadden. In 1976 he was made political cartoonist at the Irish Times. The Cartoonists and Writers Syndicate/New York Times distribute some of Turner's cartoons to over 200 journals and newspapers round the world. He has also worked for various British publications such as The Scotsman, Business AM, The Business, The Sunday Express, The Independent, the Guardian and The Spectator and the Paris-based current affairs magazine Courrier International. Turner lives in County Kildare with his wife. He has one son and two grandsons.


Nicolas Vadot


Nicolas Vadot was born in the UK and has triple French, British and Australian nationality. He spent his childhood in France, moving to Belgium at the age of 17 where he studied visual communication at the Ecole de Recherches Graphiques (ERG) in Brussels, graduating in 1993. He works with two major Belgian publications: weekly news magazine Le Vif/L'Express (since 1993) and financial daily L'Echo (since 2008). His cartoons are also published in Courrier International and He worked as a radio columnist for the RTBF channel, received the second Prize of Press Cartoons Belgium in 2011 and 2012 and the third Prize of Press Cartoon Europe in 2011, and is a member of the Geneva-based Cartooning for Peace Foundation. Vadot regularly publishes compilations of his cartoons and also works as a graphic novelist. His latest album, 'Maybe This Tuesday' ('Maudit Mardi!') was released in September 2012.


Sarah Walsh


Sarah is a film maker and illustrator from Galway. She loves creating short films and always has something on the go. She had the honour of having her film "Marrying the Sea" receive a special mention at the Galway Film Fleadh for best director, as well as receiving the John. M. Synge award in New York and a nomination for best short film at the Smedia Awards. She is currently working as a Background Artist, as well as on a number of short personal projects.


Miriam Wurster


Miriam Wurster was born in Hamburg, Germany and studied design, illustration and the basics of cartooning in Bremen, where she lives and works in a former carton factory. Working as a freelancer, she publishes in many magazines including Stern, Titanic, Nebelspalter, Charlie Hebdo, Autohelden, Weser Kurier, taz, Spiegel online, and Welt der Frau (Austria). In 2015 she was awarded the silver German Caricature Prize. Her booklet "Gewalt im Alltag" (Violence in Everyday Life) was awarded the Best Cartoon Book 2015 by the Club der Komischen Künste in Vienna.